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I have a new blog! Aug. 25th, 2005 @ 04:04 pm
This blog sucks now. The name sucks. The past entries suck. Everything!

Thus, I'm going to stop posting in it. You can find my new blog here.

Have a nice day. ^_^
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Oh, you silly evangelist. Aug. 23rd, 2005 @ 03:42 am
Pat Robertson's plea to assassinate Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is laughable, but at the same time, it wouldn't surprise me a single bit if the current American government acted on it. Yet there are so many things wrong with Robertson pleading for Chavez's death.

For starters, Robertson is supposedly a holy man. Having him plead for someone's death is highly unchristian of him, no matter what implications may result from the death. This is precisely the problem I have with the Christian Right. Much of what they advocate is inconsistant with their Christian faith, and thus it makes them hypocrites. In this case, Robertson is advocating the state-sponsored murder of someone. Does Pat not feel the need to follow the 6th Commandment? Thou shall not murder, Pat! Don't ever misappropriate the Christian faith to push your own political agenda.

Secondly, the threat posed by Chavez is marginal at best. We're not in the Cold War anymore, so Venezuela shouldn't be treated like a Grenada of the 21st Century. Remember what went down in Grenada? The tiny Carribean island was invaded by American forces to depose of the Marxist dictator there, despite the fact that Grenada could have been resolved diplomatically due to its miniscule size and status. Well, that was an attack based on ideological differences. If America was to carry out the same in Venezuela, it would also be treated as such, since Chavez is a socialist and America is a capitalist nation. The Monroe Doctrine has had no significance since 1991, and if the United States brings it out in order to justify any ousting of Chavez, it will seriously undermine the credibility of America's foreign policy. And the issue still gets more contentious if we're to throw in the subject of Venezuela's vast oil reserves.

As for me, I don't care that much for Hugo Chavez himself. Despite his callous disrespect for the conservative Catholic clergy in his nation, I do admire his efforts to help the poor in Venezuela through his social programs. And despite the extremist tone in some of his speeches, I fully support the ideology of his government. Also, he's not afraid to stand up to the United States, which is always a plus in my book. The only way he could get me to stop supporting him would be to adopt Stalinist Communism, especially if any type of religious persecution were to be embraced and practiced by his government.

Maybe I'm overstating this. After all, Robertson is far from credible when it comes to both religion and politics. But still, I firmly believe that Chavez isn't a "terrific danger" to the United States, and I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.
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Gravity does not exist! Aug. 20th, 2005 @ 11:13 am
According to some evangelical scientists, the theory of gravity is based upon huge gaps in our understanding. But now they've found out the truth.

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Cindy Sheehan Aug. 16th, 2005 @ 06:04 pm
Are any of you still unaware of Cindy Sheehan? She's a woman from California whose son Casey was killed in Iraq back in April. Now she's protesting outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. She's protesting the war in Iraq and is requesting a meeting with Bush, asking him to justify the war directly to her for the sake of her deceased son.

I sympathize with her. She's angry over the fact that her son was killed in a war that had no plausible justification, and so she's raising this protest in order to hold President Bush accountable. Yet despite of this noble cause, many pundits haven't stopped from denouncing her, calling her a "screwball" who has been "hijacked by far-left elements".

Through some research, it's odd what one can learn about her. She's a devout Roman Catholic who was active as a youth minister in northern California. She's a founding member of Gold Star Families for Peace, a group dedicated to pacifism which is comprised of families who have had relatives killed in action in Iraq. Her organization is dedicated to aiding those war families in coordination with other like-minded groups.

It's also interesting to note her political beliefs. Despite claims of her denouncing American support for Israel, she has denied making such remarks. She has, however, been quite critical of the neoconservative think tank PNAC, which has ties to many prominent people within the Bush Administration (not least of which is Vice-President Dick Cheney, who is himself a founding member of PNAC.) Sheehan has also been, oddly enough, linked to Lew Rockwell and his Mises Institute, whose economic beliefs are about as rightist as any can get.

It'll be interesting to watch how this unfolds. It's already brought out the spirit of anti-pacifism in many local Texans. (By the way, the asshole who ran over the crosses has an e-mail of Lnorth8980@aol.com, just in case any of you anti-war activists wish to show him your "love".)
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Aug. 13th, 2005 @ 10:02 pm
I want to play Trivbot. D:
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Other entries
» This is an entry in my LiveJournal.
First off, I'd like to alert you to this. I was saddened by the news of his passing, since this guy was a personal legend to me. I've always admired Afro-Cuban music, and when my dad first alerted me to the Buena Vista Social Club, I was awestricken. Ibrahim was a major part of that group, if not the star attraction. His singing was silky and soulful, and despite him being 72 when I first heard him, I always thought of him as a lively musician. Even if you're not a big fan of Latin music, I urge you guys to take a listen to this legend.

Secondly, I completed a new production that's a follow-up to The Network. It's called The Winter Solstice and it can be found here. And yeah, it's the track I was talking about in a recent blog entry, albeit renamed. I just finally got around to uploading it. =P

I'm a little worried that I'm gonna get fired this week because I broke a rule I was unaware of. Needless to say, I don't care at this point. Most of my friends from work have left already, and I'm really fed up with having to deal with the idiotic customers of the store. The only reason I'm worried is because of a couple of financial concerns. The one off the top of my head is, "How am I going to pay for my monthly phone bill if I'm fired?"

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

I've shown some increased interest in politics lately, especially the anarchist movement that took place in Spain back in the 1930's. But what really gets to me is that anarchism hasn't seemed to evolve since then, and proponents of the ideology constantly refer to the Spanish Civil War as an ideal reference point for their ideals. It was a different time back then, though. The Falangist mlitary -- along with the rest of the Nationalists -- were corrupt and power-hungry, heavily influenced by Fascism and seeking to establish totalitarianism in Spain. Anarchism advocates the complete abolishment of the state, so naturally, those opposed to Franco and the Nationalists were often anarchists. The civil war, coupled with the regional success of anarcho-syndicalist trade unions such as the CNT-FAI, was the closest that anarchism ever came to actual realization.

But today, anarchism is in need of reform. The public perception of an anarchist is one of a psycho who shoots presidents and who dresses in black camo while fighting policemen at rallies. My personal perception of an anarchist -- and a modern communist too, actually -- is that of a schizoid who spends all of his time advocating his preferred flavour of anarchism/communism on the Internet while never actually taking action. Political academia is fruitless unless you make a solid attempt to back it up. And really, the best way to act upon your ideals is to gradually reform the current system from within. This is just what Bernstein advocated! And yes, this means cooperating with representative democracy and the state. In a country as large as Canada or America, anti-statist ideologies will never succeed because direct democracy is simply intangible.

It may sound like I'm being harsh towards the left. But actually, I will always consider myself as a proud Christian Socialist, just like my heroes Óscar Romero and Tommy Douglas.
» July 26 -- Happy Birthday To Me!
It'll officially be July 26 in a few minutes. As soon as it does, Roger will embark on the nineteenth year of his life! What crazy (mis)adventures will our hero have this time?! Will he live to see his second decade?!?!

...putting that aside, it's gonna be as low-key as it can get. I'm going to the mall to shop for a hoodie or two, and then I'll come back home and sloth around. I'd like to go to West Edmonton Mall, but I also gotta conserve my money for college tuition.

I was born at 5:30 in the afternoon, MST. I certainly don't feel any older. =P
» w00t.
Today, we had a tiny birthday celebration. Since my parents will be gone for most of the day on Tuesday, we cut the cake this afternoon. It was an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen. =P

My cousin Diana came by to cut it with us, and she also brought a present. So far, I've gotten three shirts and $20 for my brithday. I feel so ghetto.

(Sorry for the shittiness of this blog entry. I'll have a better entry for you guys later today. I'm very sleepy as I write this, so let me go to bed now, dammit!)
» A third language?
Lately, I've been feeling the urge to learn a third language. As you guys may know, I know English and Spanish. But I want to expand beyond that.

What I really want to learn is another Romance language. But I don't want to learn French or Italian, as they're too common! What I really want to learn is something a little more unique. I've been researching on Romance languages, and I had no idea that so many of them were located around the Pyrenees in both Spain and France. So I figured that I should learn one of them, just in case I ever visit Barcelona or something.

My eyes are on three languages: Catalan, Occitan, and Aragonese. If any of you guys know of any online resources to help me learn any of these languages -- such as a language-to-language dictionary -- please tell me.
» Freakanomics
Today I got my paycheck, which wasn't high due to a suspension from work. *cough*

But with the money I got, I bought Freakanomics by Steven Levitt and Stephen Dubner. From the reviews I've read about it -- and from the limited amount that I've read so far -- it's a very interesting book. These guys draw correlations from economic patterns to all sorts of seemingly unrelated situations. His most controversial correlation (and one that was published before the book was made) is one that relates the dropping crime rate to the legalization of abortion, providing a somewhat unorthodox reason to support abortion rights. In this sense, the book has as much to do with sociology as it does with economics.

I look forward to reading it some more.
» Political Musings
There are two people who I idolize for their political legacies -- Tommy Douglas and Eduard Bernstein. The former for showing that universal health care can be feasible, and the latter for advocating socialism without violent revolution. The former for uniting Christian and socialist thought, and the latter for giving birth to the idea of democratic socialism.

You can tell I'm proud to be a member of the New Democratic Party.
» Papa's Got A Brand New Song
I completed a new song earlier. It's a progressive breaks track, 10:58 in length, and 127 BPM. It's called A Forgotten Reconstruction.

The reason it's called that is because it's actually a remix of an existing song. The problem, though, is that I forget which song that was! I downloaded the samples from SoulSeek in such a rush that I just can't remember. I think it was by Momu or Digital Witchcraft...

I don't think it's that much of a remix, anyways. The only samples I used were the basslines, the "bells", and a conga loop. The rest I made on my own.

I'll try and get it posted this weekend on my AcidPlanet account, and then subsequently on my blog. It all depends on whether I have Sony Acid Pro by then; I need that program in order to make a WMA version of the song. Rules are rules!
» Oh, right...
» Aviculture
Lexy and I have decided to purchase a pair of lovebirds when we're living togther. We both already own budgies. ^_^

Personally, I really like the Red Lory, too.
» MISH! (Or anybody!)
I need your help. >_<

Okay, so I'm on my new computer now, and everything is going just dandy. There are only two problems wrong with it so far:

~ A very dim monitor
~ Bad sound due to crappy speakers and no subwoofer

I'll buy the speakers and subwoofer eventually. But the monitor is too dark right now. That's why I need your help, Mish. You see, last time I was able to fix the monitor with a program called Adobe Gamma. I'd download it myself, but the problem with that is that it only comes with Adobe Photoshop. And Mish, since you were the one who sent Photoshop to me on my old computer, I was wondering if you could help me out again...? ^_^;;

I wouldn't bug you like this, but it's urgent. x.x;;
» Memememememememeeeee~~~~
Yours truly has been tagged by the lovely bushbaby_sama and so...

Meme time!

List your current six favorite songs, then pick six other people to do the same.

Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc.
K-OS - Crucial
Marques Houston ft. Young Rome - All Because Of You
Sadie ft. Kano - So Sure (Remix)
Andain - Beautiful Things (Gabriel & Dresden Radio Edit)
Blockhouse - Disco Hit

I don't expect the latter three to comply, but whatever. XD
» Album Wishlist
Here are some albums I want to purchase soon:

~ Everything Ecstatic by Four Tet
~ The Milk of Human Kindness by Caribou
~ You're a Woman, I'm a Machine by Death From Above 1979
~ The Bravery by The Bravery
~ Mm..Food? by MF Doom
» Stem Cell Research
President Bush just held a press conference stating his opposition to a stem cell research bill aimed at easing funding limits, citing that supporting the bill would disrespect life. Well...

1. When Bush was the governor of Texas, his state led the nation in death penalty executions, with 152 people executed. The question of whether they deserved it or not isn't the point -- after all, as a Roman Catholic, I strongly oppose the death penalty. The point is that he can't say he values life in all its stages when he has such callous disregard for the life of these people he has executed. He's nothing but a hypocrite whenever he says that.

2. Suppose that in another country, successful treatment for Parkinson's Disease has been developed. But due to the restrictions imposed by Bush, it's next to impossible for Americans afflicted with Parkinson's to obtain this treatment. Why should Americans be left out in the cold due to religion-based federal law? A national uproar would be inevitable. Thus, it's pretty safe to say that Bush's opposition to stem cell research will only come back to bite him in the ass, so the least he could do is have some logical foresight and ease the restrictions.

As a side note, I should say that my personal belief is that stem cell research is morally acceptable. Why? Because treatments that can one day come from the field of stem cell research could carry the potential to cure millions of ill people of their suffering. As a altruistic Christian, I have no problems with that at all.
» Wiki!
Wikipedia's consuming much of my time online. In the span of three hours, I thoroughly researched no less than three different subjects: Star Wars, DC Comics, and theoretical astrophysics.

This begs the question...do I need to begin reading books again?
» A few thoughts...
~ Tropical Storm Adrian is scheduled to hit the coast of El Salvador within the next few hours, and there's even talk that it might even turn into a hurricane when it reaches land. The biggest concern is the heavy rain that comes with storms like these. El Salvador is a mountainous country, so heavy rain associated with storms like these have the potential to cause landslides and flash floods. And this has me really concerned, because I have family in Chalatenango - a town right in the midst of the mountains. You can be sure that me and my family will be making a lot of phone calls tonight.

~ Kylie Minogue has breast cancer. Fortunately, it was caught early, and so she's awaiting surgery to remove the cancerous tissue from her breast...or something like that. The bottom line is that she's one of my favorite singers, and I really hope she recovers okay.

~ Today is "the" day in Canadian politics. A vote this afternoon will determine whether the minority government we have right now will survive or collapse. And man, it's been a rollercoaster ride recently! Belinda Stronach, a sexy Conservative MP (Member of Parliament) who ran for the leadership position of the Conservative Party a couple years ago, defected to the Liberal Party following a series of clandestine events. This is a major blow to Stephen Harper -- the leader of the Conservative Party -- because every single vote counts. Seriously, one vote is all it takes to make or break the government today. And though the Liberal Party has been suffering from allegations of corruption due to the Adscam scandal, I will support them. Although this is mainly because they are the lesser of two evils, and because they struck a deal with the New Democratic Party -- the party I support and the party I'm registered with -- in order to pass the budget bill today. And besides, why the HELL would Canadians vote for the Conservative Party anyway?! The Conservatives reached a deal with the Bloc Quebecois to bring down the minority government, and if you don't already know, the Bloc Quebecois are in favor of Quebec seperatism. Dealing with them is like dealing with the devil. But then again, many Conservative supporters hate Quebec, especially around these parts...

Okay, now I'm just rambling. Sorry.

~ To follow up on that though, it's been both funny and sad to see Peter Mackay's reaction to Belinda Stronach's defection. Peter Mackay is the deputy leader of the Conservatives, and he was involved in a romantic relationship with Stronach just prior to her defection. They were seen as the "power couple" on Parliament Hill. In fact, in a recent poll, Mackay and Stronach were voted the "sexiest male politician" and "sexiest female politician", respectively. When news broke of her defection, Mackay went into seclusion and retreated to his dad's farm in Nova Scotia, working the fields in order to get his mind off Belinda. He reemerged yesterday, and man...it's really hard not to feel sorry for the guy.

~ And to follow up on the defection again, it's been really pissing me off to see the reaction of Conservative MPs to Stronach's defection. Okay, up until a couple days ago, these people were her allies, right? Well, when news broke of her defection, they reacted by calling her a "prostitute" and a "dipstick" and a "whore"...just all these ugly sexist remarks, which shocked a lot of Canadians. Some of them apologized, and some refuse to. The fact of the matter is that we now know how they've felt about Stronach all along, and it's because of feelings like these that the Conservatives will never be a truly national party again. They're just too stodgy.

Well, that's all for now! 'Til later.
» Evy!!!!!!111oneone
I just came back from the mall. I sent you the stuffz. :d
» Top 40 Radio
Top 40 pop radio has gotten pretty catchy and interesting, you know? There's been less of an emphasis on rap lately -- playlists seem to be focusing more on pop and r&b now. And, well, you guys should now that I'm a popist at heart. Catchy melodies, verse-chorus-verse structures... I love 'em! Here are some songs that I'm diggin' right now:

~ Hollaback Girl by Gwen Stefani. I know, it's a cheerleading anthem, but it's so damn catchy! I love the production of this track. The marching band sounds funky, like if Sousa came back to life and suddenly got into hip-hop. It fits Gwen's vocals perfectly. x3

~ Don't Phunk With My Heart by The Black Eyed Peas. Any pop track with breakbeats over 120 BPM (beats per minute) is gold in my book. Besides that, these guys know how to make a good party track! Fergie is one of the better pop vocalists on radio right now, and she shines in the chorus. And what's that I hear towards the end? A 4/4 house beat! In a mainstream hip-hop song! Gold. <3

~ Lonely by Akon. I haven't heard much from this guy, but I do like this track. Nobody wants to be lonely, and he resonates this message to the masses in this catchy urban track. The production is great, as the music box tones fit his smooth delivery nicely. I wonder if the producer is Kanye West, as the chorus of the song bears one of his trademarks -- pitched-up soul diva vocals. It sounds as if it could fit into a happycore track easily. XD

~ Speed Of Sound by Coldplay. I love dream pop, and Coldplay is the most popular dream pop band in the world now. Sorry, Cocteau Twins! Anyways, this song is more epic than poppy. It's filled with washes of ambience, and sounds as if their older song The Scientist was being performed by U2. That's the best way I could describe it.

~ Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson. This girl can sing beautifully in any style of music. So when she has this slice of Avril-like power pop to work with, she puts those talented pipes to work! This track is energetic and catchy as fuck, and she continues to reassert her position as the most rocking diva since (1980's!) Tina Turner.

Okay, I probably have more that I like, but as you can see by the shitty descriptions... I'm not up to being a music critic this late at night. See ya later! xd
» layout.
I like it, although... I dunno, I think the purple could be darker...

Bah! It looks so fey!
» Library Tech
Oh, I forgot to show you guys the program I chose for college!


Yeah. xd
» Jung Test
ESFP - "Entertainer". Radiates attractive warmth and optimism. Smooth, witty, charming, clever. Fun to be with. Very generous. 8.5% of the total population.
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